are we never destined for perpetual motion?

“do you think chickens and pterodactyls converse in their dreams? are you ever mad you’re just a finite state machine?” (science museum of minnesota)

or in other words, are we never destined for perpetual motion? (webster physics hall, washington state university)

or in other words, “solution thermodynamics maintains that as we get closer to purer substance, it gets infinitely harder to obtain higher purity– entropy is quite the bastard isn’t it” (facebook comments sections)

or in other words, “The first time we were anything is the last time that anything was possible. We start off life totipotent: one cell, absolute potential, ready to knit itself out towards infinity…We — that one cell turned into a degrading thirty-seven trillion — sense our lost totipotency only in the rarest of flashes, and I think, only at the very first second we feel a new kind of love” (jia tolentino on carly rae jepsen)

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