🌟infinite games🌟

reminding myself of abundance mindset and generative possibility over finite end goals

from reggie: "Memes are organic and random. But it's when you have an eye to know what will perpetuate is the game. And that game is infinite. And whoever can [shape] the format to fit their deep cut of culture. Can keep amassing a crowd / Also this is soooo fluid. Culture is sooooooo fluid. We always have to look beyond our taste to understand what's on the edge. You'll see it."

from phoebe: "To live remarkably, one must enact self-awareness. Resolve in 2020 to lean into the parts of life that feel especially interesting. Do what you must do to be useful, meaningful, or impactful, but don’t let responsibility confuse you about what fundamentally sparks your curiosity. The key here is to not think too hard. Notice what gets your heart pumping and fills you with excitement. Create an actionable plan to explore the themes more closely. Live your truth and you cannot fail to live a good life."

from @mathemakitten "one of the things i am going to be trying to figure out next is this: as technologists, how do we build things that truly create value for people, and not just for profit? i hope to spend the next year meeting people who are pondering the same, and understand how we can collaborate on this together." 

from @ava: Jeanette Winterson: “Art does not imitate life. Art anticipates life.” Good art requires acute sensitivity to both yourself and a world that continually shifts beneath your feet. The secret to creative success is disequilibrium, which is to say noticing things in the world that confound you. When we pay attention, we see things that disturb our expectations of how life should be. Our surprise revises us.

“Drawing wasn’t ever an end to itself, and it wasn’t about self-expression,” he says. Rather, it’s the spark of a dialogue between inspiration and possibility. “Over the years, my drawings have become more and more sparse. It’s often only partly an object. Then the idea sort of bashes backward and forward between a thought, a conversation, another drawing, this time to share the idea. It remains very fluid for quite a while.”

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