Learning from Incidents launch and a blog dump

Last week Nora Jones and illustrious co-conspirators[1] launched the web and Twitter presence of the Learning from Incidents in Software community, with the mission of “reshap[ing] how the software industry thinks about incidents, software reliability, and the critical role people play in keeping their systems running." My understanding is that this is the expansion of a Slack community I've been lucky to participate in and with which my interest in and understanding of incident analysis, resilience engineering, and safety science has co-evolved with.

In under a week LFI already has three great blog posts up,

The launch of LFI seems as good a time as any for me to write up the resources I've been learning from. Since there are... a lot, I'll start with blogs and newsletters. In a future post I'll cover Twitter (many of the same folks!), papers, podcasts, books, talks--so much to consume, so little time!

Incident Lifecycle and Safety Science blogs and newsletters

If the three LFI posts are not enough for you, then in the medium of blogs & newsletters, you may want to check out

Please let me know who I'm missing (I've inevitably forgotten some folks doing great work).

[1] Per the about, currently John Allspaw, Richard Cook, Jessica DeVita, Will Gallego, Lorin Hochstein, Ryan Kitchens, Laura Maguire

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