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I obsess over writing, structure, worlding, object oriented ontology, and hermeneutics. I love exploring the relationship between humans, the world wide web, and n-dimensional non-local entities.


— I work on mediums and tools for the web through building websites. Work

— I build products and OSS with code and design principles. — I lead small teams of wonderful peers, contractors, and agencies.


— I would love to complete my WebGL MMORPG by 2024.

Status I work at Protocol Labs.

— I am hiring for Protocol Labs: Filecoin Product! Twitter DM or e-mail is the best way to reach me.

— Available for advising, one-off consulting.

Production Work (9) — Web platforms I made or contributed to, still running in production. (5)

— Artifacts, success, or memories on the internet. (4)

2020+ https://slate.host

2018 — 2019 https://castle.games

2017 — 2018 expo.io & Expo Developer Tools

— Collaborated with Bakken & Bæck.

2016 — 2017 bold.co & bold.io (Acquired)

2014 — 2016 patreon.com

2013 — 2014 neonmob.com

— Implemented Rogie King's designs for the web.

2012 meetings.io (Acquired) 

2010 Microsoft Expression Web (Discontinued)  — Contracted under Steve Guttman, Product Unit Manager