Jimmy Lee (jim)

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Hello! I live in San Francisco and work at a small company in Palo Alto. I enjoy building web products that result in meaningful connections. I am not a freelancer or available for hire, but I will lend you a helping hand if you are in need. I am excited about the future of long form content and multimedia on the web. If you have interest in the same things, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you would like an invite to use this tool, ping me on twitter.

Production Work

expo.io & Expo Developer Tools (2017—2018) Lead design strategy and full-stack web implementation for numerous web projects. Collaborated with Bakken & Bæck.

bold.co & bold.io (2016—2017) (Discontinued) Lead front-end web implementation.

patreon.com (2014—2016) Lead front-end web implementation and assisted with recruiting. neonmob.com (2013—2014) Implemented Rogie King's designs for the web. meetings.io (2012) (Discontinued) Designed & implemented front-end web for some features. Made a graphic.

Microsoft Expression Web 4 (2010) (Discontinued)

Implemented website templates for Microsoft Expression Web 4.