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For all of my adult life I have been interested in our relationship with websites. This has lead to my obsession about long form content and multimedia on the web. For work, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to own the development and design process for websites and web applications at various companies.

Production Work

2018 — 2019 https://castle.games

2017 — 2018 expo.io & Expo Developer Tools

— Collaborated with Bakken & Bæck.

2016 — 2017 bold.co & bold.io (Acquired)

2014 — 2016 patreon.com

2013 — 2014 neonmob.com

— Implemented Rogie King's designs for the web.

2012 meetings.io (Acquired) 

2010 Microsoft Expression Web (Discontinued)  — Contracted under Steve Guttman, Product Unit Manager