january 2022

wins / new things this month

  • started working with Molecule to help write and edit their articles

  • got commissioned by my friend Michael Trinh to paint a logo for his newsletter, Cell Noir (check it out!)

  • finished applying to universities ayyy

    • thank you to Dhruv, Mich, Angie, & Ari for editing my essays <3

  • wrote 14k words throughout the month

  • got better at Friday Night Funkin so fast lol

  • my grades went up finally lol

  • wrote a very personal piece for my final english essay then received these kind words from my teacher:

fails / challenges

  • got noticeably unhealthier lmao especially my posture & leg strength because i had been sitting around all month. so i started working out again at the end of jan

  • struggled with self-criticism & lack of courage

stuff i've learned

  • new words in Japanese and Mandarin hehe

  • everything is a source of inspiration when my brain is primed for creating stuff (art, writing, etc)

  • i don't need to be perfect or "have it all figured it out" to be worthy of love & connection

  • Zeigarnik Effect: having too many chrome tabs bogs the computer down, but it does the same thing to the brain because we remember unfinished tasks more than completed ones. closing a tab = clearing mental bandwidth.

  • speaking of closure, not every ending has a ceremony or final conversation - some endings are purely internal.

Published by jodi sy (jodi) 1 year ago on Sunday the 6th of February 2022.

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