Beauty will save the world

I had heard the quote - “Beauty will save the world” long back, but didn’t know what it meant till I felt it.

After a low period earlier this year, I just wanted to take my mind away from obsessing over the sadness. I would give anything for it. I was determined to find something that would help me get out of it.

And it turned out, that I found myself in a hill town on a clear August morning. The weather was chilly, but I was warm, surrounded by friends who I could trust. And I don't know if it was my perspective on that day, or the multiple variables that made the view look gorgeous, and the sunlight just right but it was perfect, and for a few hours, I forgot about everything else in the world and only one thought lingered in my mind - "Oh, what a wonderful world". Before I noticed, there were tears in my eyes, because the music, my dear, the music touched my soul. And I guess despite all my morbid cynical thoughts about the meaninglessness of life, I found a deep desire to live and just keep experiencing that beauty over and over, again and again. It was a perfect day! My mind was free and it was the most relieved I have been in ages.

And that is how I know Dosteovosky was right!

“Beauty will save the world” * TnC Apply

Listen to Perfect Day by Lou Reed here


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