Growing up with worriers

Growing up with overthinkers is strange because if you love them enough, you will understand that their anxiety comes from a place of love, and when you know someone loves you so much, you can only feel grateful and can't hold who they are against them. It is the same person who cares about you, who worries about you.

But their fears are very real to them. They hold onto you pretty tightly against the world that could do you wrong. So you are constantly reframing the world around them to make them feel that their fears are too small. You reframe the big things, to make them feel like a passing rainy day. At times, you have to share enough with them to let them know it's going to be okay so that they can make sense and rationalise. At times, you just want to drop the agony of having to explain and share nothing at all. You keep putting yourself in their shoes, sometimes forgetting to wear your own. It's exhausting.

Years of togetherness built on camaraderie and affection because then again you remember (you guessed it right!), it comes from a place of love, but there are days where you just want to feel a little resentful for not living the experiences in first person but as a third person who would eventually have to frame this for the worrier in the next room.

All this while you think to yourself, that a worrier's mind is such a stressful place to be, that God forbid you become the worrier yourself.

And then there are rains, which are like endless storms. You can't safeguard the worrier from all their fears, so you can only tell them, that no matter what happens, as things sometimes will go wrong, you both will make it through, and it will be alright because you both are together.

It will be fine, it will be FINE.


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