a study in twentysomething existentialism

book a flight. move to new york city. drink coffee until it feels like caffeine permeates your veins. create things and put them on the internet. thrive off of the validation of people you've never met. climb rooftops in Brooklyn on Halloween night. pour your heart out to open-hearted perfect strangers who will become new friends. change your mind. walk away from a raise. quit your job. write, read, put your soul onto digital paper. write with honesty in the way you only do if you think that no one will ever read your work. turn down a lot of money. consider moving to San Francisco. consider moving to New York City. consider moving to a remote cabin in the middle of the California desert and finding yourself. interview in silicon valley. laugh at yourself. exist at the edge of emotion, and channel the highs and lows into written work. build unnecessary things with code while marvelling at the way that coding lets you create things from nothing with your own two hands. take up meditation because everyone else is, hoping it will settle some of the restlessness in your soul but secretly hoping that nothing ever does. say what you feel. write a letter to a founder. listen to this song on repeat for days while writing code and thinking about the future. sit in your studio apartment alone at 11pm on a friday evening with all the lights off and write. find the courage to say goodbye. fall in love with ideas. work with extraordinary people. go all-in on the wildest dream you can find.

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