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hi hello greetings!

GPT-2 is a language model by OpenAI, @jonnysun is an inimitable writer, and i'm a machine learning engineer excited about the potential of AI.

this week, at the suggestion of a colleague, i finetuned GPT-2 to produce tweets in the style of Jonny Sun. it blew up on twitter tonight, so i thought i'd collect them all up for your wonder, puzzlement, and enjoyment 

this was one of the very first outputs! it warmed my heart.

one of the nicest things abt makin art is that every time u create a piece of art, for the first time in ur life u feel a hug from the universe

the model has also learned to make jokes,

SPELLING BEE: (beginning to speak) but did u not see that i stutter *stutters out* English is a ling foreign to me

and it has also learned of jonny's affinity for aliebns!

why pay $40 for an alien when ur gonna be bored before you've even had the chance to meet him or

it has also learned his sense of wonder about our finiteness,

its getting harder to find the time to lie awake by sleepin under the stars

and his existential dread..

ME: [briefly looks away] u think thats hard? haven't u ever been in a city and thought "this isnt my future"? no, of course not

a car is a cool thing. i wish i wasnt a car tho


but it has also learned a certain oddball sense of encouragement,

challenge accepted: to love urself and to love challenges head on

one day everything will be ok. for now, everything is ok.

it also learned to adapt existing jokes! a real @jonnysun tweet is, “twiter is like a mmorpg but instead of gaining exp u gain folowers and instead of leveling up u level deeper and deeper into loneliness." GPT-2 says,


twiter is like a mmorpg but instead of gaining exp u gain folowers and instead of leveling up u descend further into villainy (loneliness)

it can also riff on jokes cleverly. an original @jonnysun tweet was, “hamster eatin a cheerio: wat is this health garbag, this tastes nothimg like a doughnut, where r the tiny doughnuts, gime the tiny doughnuts."

here's the adaptation by GPT-2,


hamster eatin a cheerio: wat is this health garbag, this tastes nothimg like a book, where am i?!!!

it also extends jokes. a real @jonnysun tweet is, “is ur heart half empty, or half full?"

well, GPT-2 has an answer.

is ur heart half empty, or half full? half empty so when u get tired u just want to go back to sleep

some of them really make you stop and think,

the only reason i go to see movies in theaters is so i can witness somthing for the first time

and some of them say something about the state of the world.

a new authoritative guide to longform writing has been released! PLEASE, APPROPRIATE THE REST OF 2017 BY DOING SO

u either stand by idly as the world burns around u, or you stand proudly as the world burns around u

i couldn't find these ones with a Google search, but i'm skeptical that they're truly original. these seem too good. i'd love to be wrong!

dance like nobodys watching. u know, like the way u dance alone in ur room at night when ur imagining that everybodys watching

while u're at it, can u take a break from all this work and spare a few hours per week to spend with ursef

it also has some thoughts on makin art:

making art is love. leaving art is disliking its own self

here are my last words for you tonight, also courtesy of GPT-2:


me: i say "thank you" when im with peopel, which means i am grateful for their time

thank you.

ps. i also finetuned GPT-2 on tweets by the ever hilarious @awhalefact! i also wrote about the model which now powers the twitterbot @whalefakes.

pps. i tried to filter out exact duplicates of existing tweets, but if any of them snuck their way in, it's because of the model overfitting!

i love stories — write me a twitter dm 🔮✨

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