melancholy kaleidoscope

a short list of things i miss:

  • chinatown bakeries, egg tarts, pineapple buns

  • city rooftops

  • the waterfront on a Toronto summer night

  • late night conversations in-person

  • long walks in the west end spent dissecting our twentysomething existences

  • conspiratorial wonderment at the bar under union station

  • sitting in cafés on saturday mornings

  • waiting for streetcars which never came

  • making new friends + new secrets

  • trinity bellwoods park + overpriced ice cream with friends

  • spring evening walks along the beltline on top of the train tracks

  • photo walks

  • driving around my hometown

  • hanging out with other people's dogs at the dog park

  • fresh mangoes from tiny asian fruit stands

  • flights, airports, travel

  • poetry slams at the Drake Hotel

  • home, which always happens to be wherever i'm not

pandemic isolation has found me fully coming to terms with the extent of my own extroversion and the realization that i feel most alive while outdoors, in cities, with people, over summer nights and shared secrets. i miss joy.

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