never the same love twice

i moved to the city and found temporary homes in other people.

twenty-seven of us spent three months together on the seventh floor of 720 King Street West, enveloped by the frenzy you only find in intern summers. that summer, for me, is characterized by giant group sushi lunches at the place next door, jaywalking to catch streetcars on King Street, thinking that slide deck details were the most important thing in the world, and a hazy summer night around a backyard fire in Rosedale, finding all of us on the verge of the rest of our lives. it gave me a friendship which has lasted right up to this day.

university, for me, is remembered by midnights working on assignments in Middlesex College, subpar coffee, seemingly endless winter, board game nights in the undergraduate lab, so many conversations set against chalkboard backdrops, and the formation of unique friendships which i'm not sure that a mathematics lab has seen or will ever see again.

my first summer working professionally is summarized by the first taste of young adult freedom, by the completely-ordinary-yet-novel experience of driving between the office parking lot and the nearby suburban mall, and the three of us trying to figure out how to be somewhat functional adults in the workplace together. we turned out okay, i think.

that fall, i met four colleagues who have turned out to be some of my favourite people. this group is colorized by discovery together, a single rooftop party, bonding over a shared dry sense of humor, and a roadtrip through Eastern Canada. i love seeing how far we've come—together, and as individuals.

i spent a whirlwind summer getting to know eleven other incredible souls. we traveled the world together with shared ambitions to help build the next chapter of this city that we call home. these trips are made up of snapshots for me: standing-room-only on a train from Boston to New York City, a two-hour walk across Copenhagen at night, losing one of us in the maze of the red-light district in Amsterdam. i think this friendship may have been the most amazing thing we built together.

i fell in love with everybody at the Recurse Center and its collective spirit of quirky adventure, because it would have been impossible not to do so. and if you go, you will understand exactly why.

my current team has been home for much longer than the time i've actually worked here, and i am forever going to be in awe of the magic we made together. this place has given me friends who i would go to the ends of the earth for. i didn't know i could love any group of people this much.

now, i'm excited to build a whole new dream, with this tiny collective of wildly talented humans. it's a dream which i think i've loved from the very first conversation.

"there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice." —F. Scott Fitzgerald


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