on the feeling of always searching for something

i've always found myself haunted by the feeling that i'll be forever be searching for something.

since moving to Toronto three years ago, i've found my place here, finally fell in love with this city, and now spend every day with some of my favourite people.

i always thought that at some point i'd finally be settled, but i can't shake the feeling that there's still more adventure to be had out there.

"remember when you wanted what you have now?"

i expressed this restlessness to a friend, who suggested taking up meditation. i'm making an effort to be purposefully thankful for the wonder and joy i've accumulated along the way. these things have contributed immensely to growth.

but mostly, i'm learning to be okay with the sense that i will always be searching for adventure.

every summer, i'm taken back to the first time i ever traveled solo and all the wonder captured in that experience. i hope that feeling never goes away.

i'm open to wherever this wonder takes me next.

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