on time + finiteness

with less than three months left in 2019 (and this decade), i've been giving more attention to a thought that i've been having all year: given finitely much time on this earth with these people, what should i do with it?

i'm incredibly thankful to have had the freedom at the Recurse Center this fall to spend time

—drinking coffee, seeking sunlight

—learning things i've wanted to learn for a long while

—having once-in-a-lifetime conversations with people from across the globe

—wandering the streets of Brooklyn looking for meaning

—contemplating existence

—and figuring out how i truly feel about things.

i have an unfortunate habit of taking on so many things in regular life that i don't have the mental energy to process my own thoughts at the end of a day. i took up meditating for this; i'm working on it.

spending time here, isolated from everyone and all the places i've ever known, has been transformational. i've spent time creating, learning, writing, thinking, and finding clarity that i've never had before. it has been time well-spent.

recently, i've learned to marvel at the fact that we all exist

—on this planet

—at this point in time



—and that our shared existence will never look like this ever again.

isn't that stunning?

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