questions to ask when meeting new people

  • who am i + who are you?

    • who are we to each other presently?

    • who could we be to each other?

    • what identities do we share?

    • what groups do we have in common?

  • what could we do together?

  • what could we experience together?

  • what could we build together?

    • now, someday?

    • how do you want to create things?

  • what brought you here?

    • here, yes. but also here, now

    • what else would you be doing if you weren't here?

    • which alternate universes would you have loved to live?

    • which alternate universes are you thankful that you missed?

  • what shared experiences do we have?

    • how do they differ? how are they the same?

    • have we crossed paths before without knowing?

    • how do these memories lend themselves to shared understanding?

  • how should we grow together?

  • where is home?

  • what did your six-year-old self want to be before they told you anything else?

  • what's a word that describes you?

    • how would your closest friend describe you?

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