tell me about who you've become

we met each other here, tonight, anew—and it was so, so lovely.

despite having been tangentially part of each others' lives for over ten years across two cities and never having spoken much in-depth until today, i was amazed by the way you understood me on some kind of soul level; the way you understood this second-generation, chinese-canadian, suburban-raised, city-immersed, feminist, adventure-chasing, daughter-of-immigrants existence. it has been a long time since i have felt so deeply understood.

what i loved the most is the way you met me without assumptions. sometimes when i spend time with people from high school i feel "checkpointed"; i can sense myself instantly reverted back to the person i was the last time we spoke—and it is always a lesser version of who i am today. the result is that i find myself wishing that they had spent the time getting to know who i've become, instead of asking questions based off an outdated version of myself. neither of us are the same people we were at seventeen, and i am thankful that we met tonight wanting to understand each other as we are today.

we have each grown up to be ambitious, confident, and sure of ourselves in ways that i don't think we could have ever fathomed at seventeen. tonight, i feel like i started to understand who you are—today—and you listened as i shared what i've learned about this existence to-date and the things i'm still trying to figure out, and you understood because you are trying to figure out these same things.

i am excited to see what adventure you will choose next, to be amazed at who you will further become, and to exchange stories from this existence. i sincerely hope that we will have the chance to spend more time together someday, in some city.

for now, thank you for tonight.

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