the algorithmic dreams of the propaganda department

thinking about AI labs, asian women and autistic white dude software engineers, the present moment's search for AGI, the desire for a quest, the caroline ellison x sam bankman-fried x lily zhang love triangle and caroline's rage that the asian girl will go down in media history as "the more competent ex", chatgpt's nice helpful subservient deferrent personality, the bamboo ceiling and the meteoric rise of jensen huang, porter robinson's half-japanese wife and waifu edm, the tumblr asian girl to tech sweetheart pipeline, dogs named mochi, effective altruism, the half-asian children of silicon valley, simu liu syndrome, the chameleonism of chloe bennet, chloe ting, boba asians vs. activist asians, the longest chain of white men with asian wives in the org chart, the speculative singularity, technocratic shamanism, science as the new secular religion, sci-fi space-worship, cults, death, a new society, an escape from suffering, the essential problem of suffering, the abolition of suffering, transcendence, enlightenment, the elimination of need, the necessity of having needs. the world, the human world, transhumanism, posthumanism, the death of humanity. bits vs. atoms, the awakening of god-like beings, god as a black box, an electronic civilization, self-replicating machines, the digitization of reality, how the most likely path to achieving AGI is via a large number of very highly paid people in an office somewhere all googling "how to build AGI" and then emailing each other the best links they find on the internet. how unthinkable it would be to imagine the secret women codebreakers of WWII as the AI researchers of the present day. were they smarter than us, or was the world more gentle? chinese american civil rights activists vs. powerful fob software engineers. everybody wants to be noam shazeer. how the fate of AI, and thus AGI, and thus the whole wide world, is held somewhere in the mountains of northern Taiwan. code as a tool for bending reality, men with ambition vs. men with ability, how capitalism is in decline and we're not on the right side of history, whether to raise kids in the metaverse, "are you ok?" as the new "how are you?", jay caspian kang's misplaced anger at the world, are all asian women attractive? the madness of language and the poetry of code, lucy guo showing us all that asian girls can be insufferable too! the algorithmic dreams of the propaganda department, the battle of the enlightenment philosophers and the battle of the scots, will jensen huang get us to the moon? tech talent density per sq ft, bitcoin futures and the halvening, the first rule of thermodynamics and the heat death of the universe, the end of aging, why the artist is the most powerful person in the world, the long lost face of the ghost in the machine.

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