what i like about you ✨

i've been recently finding clarity on things that matter (to me).

this is a non-exhaustive list of qualities i appreciate and prioritize—in friends, in love, in colleagues, in everyone—in not-too-much order.

  • fearlessness + a wild sense of adventure

  • curiosity, ambition

  • the ability to never take themselves too seriously

  • storytelling

  • silliness, laughter

  • the willingness to learn anything quickly

  • the unwillingness to settle

  • vulnerability

  • self-awareness, self-reflection

  • an appreciation for the written word

  • the assumption of good intent

  • a sense of (minor) existential dread and (major) existential wonder

  • a healthy disregard for authority + the rules

  • the recklessness to be all-in on a dream; on something

  • the ability to love fiercely, openly, honestly, without reservations

also, a list of qualities i hope to cultivate in myself. some of these qualities have always been core to me, whereas some are newfound. always, i'm thankful.

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