Loft and Beyond

A year ago we launched Loft Radio: a live, 24/7 beats radio where listeners can tip artists in ETH as their music plays. Artists receive 100% of each tip directly to their wallet. We recently announced we're stopping development on Loft as we move to something new. Here's a look back on the project:


Over the course of a year, Loft saw:

  • 54 artists onboarded to Ethereum/MetaMask

  • 531 unique addresses connected

  • 4000+ users in 100+ countries

  • $1150+ paid to artists in incremental 25¢ tips.

Although its impact isn't profound, we're glad to have taken a small step in exploring new ways of supporting artists online, and to have brought a small new world to a corner of the internet.

We saw Loft growing into a network of public and private listening spaces where artists, labels, and curators could create rooms, hang out with friends, and add music & art to their space. Listeners could earn rewards like NFTs and unlock features by hitting tip thresholds, and everyone from artists to curators would be rewarded as work is supported throughout the platform.

As we shifted our focus towards this larger vision, we knew we'd have to take on scaling issues with our broadcasting infrastructure and music onboarding process. These obstacles led us to reevaluate what we‘d like to build, and we soon discovered a path that we think will be more effective in giving artists more autonomy, control, and earnings. Loft Radio will continue to broadcast vibes into the ether indefinitely, and as long as it exists you can continue tipping artists directly.

What's next?

We've shifted our focus to a new project called Catalog.

Catalog is an open market for music. We're providing musicians with a better way to sell their work online, and listeners with a way to build a music library with real value. We're leveraging Ethereum primitives that we believe will reshape how art is valued and will empower creators with more ownership and control over their work online. We believe in creating a more equitable digital environment for artists, and we're excited by the work being done by pioneers in this space like Zora and Foundation. We'll be sharing more about Catalog very soon. If you'd like to stay in the loop visit


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