a note on definitions

Instead of showing homage to a place or a person, I give homage to the days where sunlight doesn't leave the air. Homage to everything that resists stagnancy and embraces animation. To the comfortable silence, the letters, the shy look given under the streetlamps on the way home. The nuanced ways we show love without uttering a word aloud. To an understanding that I can love things inexplicably, rather than conditionally. When I say homage, I mean give me more than just something to attach nostalgia to. To remind me that my life is a living document that I can only write forwards even if I am tempted to flip the pages back. When I say homage, I mean I know that I need to give what is difficult more time. More time, and more grace. The poet Suzanne Buffan: "To cross an ocean / You must love the ocean / Before you love the far shore.”

Published by Nicole 4 years ago on Friday the 23th of October 2020.

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