tangential thoughts

Scattered notes through the week

1. When you first start a new skincare routine, they tell you on the package that your skin will begin to purge itself. Part of the novelty of the solution is that it will bring everything out from underneath to the surface, at least for a while. And it will be angry, raw, harsh. Things that haven't formed yet, or have yet to form, will become apparent.

I could generalize that to any form of change. You have to get over the initial shock of it to get through to the good part.

3. Who are we, in this reality, to one another? If you floated up and saw yourself as an outside observer, would you like what you see?

4. I liked the way the clouds looked that day when we walked by the river. They opened right through the center, pulling apart like cotton candy. We talked about ideas. I liked the way you think out loud, the way you said ‘hm’. I looked at the river, and everything was reflected within it – the wavering buildings, the clouds, and boats gliding through the channel.

5. Note to self: showing up imperfectly is better than not showing up at all.

Published by Nicole 4 years ago on Tuesday the 8th of September 2020.

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