What I'm doing after graduating 👨🏻‍🎓

I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Computer Science on Friday (5/7/21), and just got my final grades today (5/10)! I officially passed (barely), so now I'm free to chart out the next bit.

My original plan for the summer was to code everyday on self-directed side projects full time. I'm still very excited to do that, but what what has changed is where in the world I'll be doing that.

Here's a quick summary (plans subject to change):

  • May 10th - May 24th: I'll be working on a paid freelance job for a crypto company named Figment.

  • May 24th - June 2nd: I'll be flying to Phoenix, Arizona to join a friend on the second half of her road trip. I'll join in for Phoenix --> 🚗 San Francisco.

  • June 2nd - June 8th: Relax at home and spend time with family. Work on side projects!

  • June 8th - June 15th: 🏝 Gonna see what the Miami hype is all about.

  • June 15th - July 2nd: Work on side projects!

  • July 2nd: Move to Seattle with my girlfriend! And work on side projects full time till I start work.

  • August 16th: Start job at Facebook Seattle

I'm grateful to have gotten a freelance gig right at the start cause it'll pay for all my traveling. Out of all my plans for the summer, I'm most excited about living out my long time dream of being a bit of a digital nomad by traveling around while coding. Now that I'm vaccinated, I might be able to travel internationally depending on which countries open up too.

As for my side projects, I'm hoping to add more consistent green squares to this chart! I'm not sure exactly what I'll build, but I have some ideas. Follow me on twitter to keep up with the things I build!




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