so amidst the trouble that every day brought to us

we found a haven in the middle of hell

a quaint theatre that stood 40 feet tall

an ellipse reading the names of what was to come

narrow yet open minded we took our empty seats

not in there, but fifty steps down

at that cafe with the warm pita

and the music that we never cared to understand

so before the sun was set, we dragged our packed

bags, pacing across familiar concrete

letting the hours pass, without notice

of where they went, or how well they were spent

carrying along we made our way to the dark stage

barren besides the elderly couples

and the popcorn from months ago

spending tens on tickets to make hours into minutes

so, when the trailers ran we checked our phones

silencing them to forget what we had

left, an hour or so ago; the family chats

muted, and cameras open through airplane mode

until the credits drifted, a story told and entrapped

for the night, tucked in our minds

though i wish it could be forever

we left hugs; drifting our bags across the concrete

Published by richard (rilee) 2 years ago on Wednesday the 16th of November 2022.

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