bone in & skeletons out

in the twilight

in the zone

i just wanna bone

peel back this grassy knoll

and make myself at home

anything for your yeastly innocence

anything for a sip

who let in these skeletons?

who let them in

all they do is

pound and pound and pound

and point to rotting flesh

as if to say look

signs of life

because what is truly alive

but a state of decomposition? an apple is no apple

unless actively consumed by worms

burrowing and burrowing and burrowing

deep inside you

until you taste the blood

and tufts of wet grass

and little bits of bone

which have gone stale which is what happens

when you dream in one place for far too long

tonight let's bone

let the skeletons have at it

until morning comes

and nothing left

but sediment

Published by Terry 3 years ago on Tuesday the 22th of June 2021.

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