films (and shows) that affected me deeply


Stalker - Andrey Tarkovsky

Persona - Ingmar Bergman

To The Wonder - Terrance Malick

Ikiru - Akira Kurosawa

Three Colors: Red - Krzysztof Kieślowski

The Seventh Seal - Ingmar Bergman

After Life - Hirokazu Kore-eda

The Woman in the Dunes - Hiroshi Teshigahara

Ghost in the Shell - Mamoru Oshii

Ugetsu - Kenji Mizoguchi

Before Sunrise - Richard Linklater

Battle Royale (The Director’s Cut) - Kinji Fukasaku

2001: A Space Odyssey - Stanley Kubrick

Princess Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki

Eyes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick

Chungking Express - Wong Kar-wai

Mulholland Drive - David Lynch

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson

Shaolin Soccer - Stephen Chow


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Steven Universe

Gravity Falls

Twin Peaks + Twin Peaks: The Return

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Teen Titans

I’d love to hear film suggestions from you, so if you have any must-watch films, send them my way!

Published by Terry 4 years ago on Monday the 9th of March 2020.

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