On love

“Love ate the red wheelbarrow." — Love 8, Jack Spicer

Love I: The Americans

Gone are every bloody influencer’s attempts

to buy my heart

I had a dream where we held hands and tongue-kissed


Love II: Epigenetics

One imagines

the cardiosphere dreamt its first kiss

before it even knew what

kissing was

Love III: Epigenesis

Kissing is

a whole lot of thump thump thump



Love IV: Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding

you must first be obliterated

Love V: Obliteration

Where did Love originate? It is apparent that Love can be observed outside of humanity. Antelope prioritize their young when fleeing from imminent danger. The mother Stegodyphus Lineatus sacrifices her body as the first meal to her newborn offspring. But who was the first being to ever Love? At what point did prototypal Love first emerge out of that primordial haze? Did it first come from the Eukaryote, that pioneering union of cell bodies? Or is Love not an emergent property, rather a fundamental principle of the universe?

General relativity states that gravity is not an invisible force of attraction, rather a bending of the fabric of reality itself such that objects tend toward collision. In a sense, aren’t we all just infinitely more complex manifestations of the fundamental forces of nature? Our Love, like gravity, extending out infinitely, inescapably, carving into space and time, in the hopes of reorienting one’s trajectory right into our arms?

Love VI: Aesthetics

BART riders silently Venmoing the busker


Local bookstore pulls in 350k in donations

Man asks for jumper cables and gets them

Love VII: Epistemology

(All of this is as real as a man in a gorilla suit kicking it with Koko)

Love VIII: Things That Ought Not Be Possible

see: music

Published by Terry 4 years ago on Tuesday the 15th of September 2020.

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