Observations of Europe

This week is my first week back in America after taking a 2.5 week trip across Europe. During my journey, I visited London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona.

With this piece, I would like to share some of my observations, hence the title.

  • I didn’t see many iPhones, and if so, people weren’t using the native iPhone earplugs when listening to music.

  • In the UK, the trains were quick to arrive and depart. It seemed like as soon as my feet touched the platform, a train was there waiting for me. 

  • There's no shortage of ads mentioning “ISA” except they're referring to “Interest Savings Account” not “Income Share Agreements”

  • In restaurants, the staff brings the payment processor out to you

  • Each Airbnb host gave a brief walkthrough/tour before handing me the keys, and there was never a self-check-in process.

  • Real-time communication with non-english speakers is hard, and no app helped make this process easier

  • Mapping app wise: Citymapper > Google Maps > Apple Maps 

  • Most of my UberX's were C&D Class Mercedes

  • Birds (not the Scooters) are much more communicative, especially between 3-5AM.

  • Men’s jeans are suffocatingly tight

I'll be adding more observations as they come to my head.

Published by DeWayne Roy (wayne) 2 months ago on Tuesday the 26th of March 2019.

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