reading in 2021


  1. Larry Shiner, Art Scents

  2. Mark O'Connell, To Be A Machine

  3. Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, Speculative Everything

  4. Potential Worlds

  5. Merlin Sheldrake, Entangled Life

  6. Rene Daumal, Mount Analogue

  7. Xiaowei Wang, Blockchain Chicken Farm

  8. Kent Redford, Strange Natures

  9. Donna Harraway, Staying With the Trouble

  10. William Davies (ed.), Economic Science Fictions

  11. Finn Brunton, Digital Cash

  12. Mark Fischer, The Weird and the Eerie

  13. Yuk Hui, Art and Cosmotechnics

  14. Sergey Young, The Science and Technology of Growing Young

  15. Ritu Raman, Biofabrication

  16. Joseph Needham, Science and Civilization in China, Vol.2 History of Scientific Thought

  17. a ton books & articles on Wang Chong

  18. Michael Strevens, The Knowledge Machine

  19. Fluid Being

  20. Shigehisa Kuriyama, The Expressiveness of the Body

  21. Chinese Medicine and Healing

  22. Adrienne Mayor, Gods and Robots

  23. David Whyte, Consolations

favorite articles/essays

  1. Marina Abramovic, An Artist's Life Manifesto

  2. The digital after life industry is here to help you plan your afterlife, rest of world

  3. a lot of articles from Real Life Mag

    1. Unlimited Editions

    2. Play to Lose

  4. everything from Other Internet

  5. Christina Gratorp, The Materiality of the Cloud, Eurozine

  6. a lot of articles from Cabinet Magazine

    1. Matthew Spellberg, On Dream Sharing and Its Purpose 

    2. Jess Lerner, The Artist As Volcano

    3. Graham Burnett, Leftovers / The Orienting Stone

    4. Ruben Gallo, Mexican Radio Goes to the North Pole

books that were really good, but I just didn't finish

  1. Peter Godfrey-Smith, Metazoa

  2. Peter Godfrey-Smith, Other Minds

  3. Atlas of Anomalous AI

  4. David Graeber, Debt

  5. Fred Turner, From Counterculture to Cyberculture

  6. Thomas Moynihan, X-Risk

  7. Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Wendi Yan is an artist and researcher who is fascinated by the boundaries of ego, personhood and humanhood.

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