Alpha Update 0.2.7

Welcome back! You are reading a development update for alpha 0.2.7, the previous update was &alpha-update-LrVis5.

For those of you who do not know, Reading Supply is a reading and writing tool for artists, thinkers, and creators. I am focused on the following:

  • Creating a great reading and writing experience.

  • Helping people go deep and narrow on their ideas.

  • Helping collaborators share and grow their knowledge together.

  • Fostering valuable and healthy conversations.

Here are the recent updates:


Libraries are a way to organize your drafts and posts.

I want people to have more organizational freedom. You can drag and drop posts into different folders. If you drag a post above or below another post you can change the order, which will update the order on your profile.

Libraries creates space for more functionality in the future. People will be able to import their markdown, JSON or third-party posts. In addition, I want to introduce a post metrics dashboard, and a way to see deep link connections between posts.


Archives are a way people can share a timeline either publicly or privately.

Owners of an archive can invite anyone to join. Posts appear in order of the publishing date. In the settings, the owner can choose to make the archive page only viewable by members. Archive pages are perfect for any group of people who want to collaborate. Eventually I will add customization and the capability to create a physical book with posts from your archive.

Post permissions

Writers have more control over who can view their drafts and published posts.

By default a draft is only visible to the author, and a published post can be viewed by anyone who has the link. You can publish a post into as many archives you are a member of.

People without access to your post will see this:

Profile post sections

The posts on your profile are organized by folder.

Small UI changes

Threads are no longer fully exposed at the bottom of a post.

Users will need to click into each thread to view the full discussion in the sidebar. Annotations UI has been tweaked too:

Whats Next?

The next major update will be focused on the editor.

If you have ideas please share them with me on Twitter or the Telegram group. I love to entertain any idea or suggestion. Thank you for your time! 🙏

Hey! My name is Jim and I love to build websites. You can learn more about me here.

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