Alpha Update 0.2.8

Welcome back! You are reading a small development update for alpha 0.2.8, you can read about previous updates here: &alpha-update-027-IeIAGV — special thanks to @cindy for all of her feedback and support.


Up until this update, Reading Supply has been focused on the single player writing experience. However organic and meaningful conversations are a part of why Reading Supply is important. Unfortunately, there were some big problems:

  • How would a reader know when someone responded to them?

  • How would anyone know when someone published a post into an archive?

  • How would someone know if they were invited to collaborate in an archive?

So for new years day, activity feeds and improvements to inbox notifications were deployed to help solve this problem.

Whats in production?

When you join Reading Supply or sign in to an existing account, you're greeted with this new screen.

On this page, any messages, feedback, or annotations you receive or send will appear. In addition, you will get updates for published posts from archives you are a part of. Here is an imaginary scenario for you:

If you look in the top left, you'll see a red indicator for the number of new activity events.

Whats Next?

After this update, I am confident there is reliable structure in place for keeping track of interactions with other writers and readers. For the short term I will focus on the editor and performance. I look forward to sharing what I have planned. :-)

If you have ideas, share them with me on Twitter or the Telegram group. Cheers! 🙏

Hey! My name is Jim and I love to build websites. You can learn more about me here.

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