Alpha Update 0.3.2

Its been since September 2019 since I published &alpha-update-031 and I am so happy to finally announce this milestone. If you are curious about older updates you can view $rs-devlog an archive with previous updates.

Whats New (0.3.2)?

Aside from addressing editor issues, addressing markdown issues, and improving error messaging, there has been a bunch of memorable feature work that make this milestone memorable.


A lot of people wonder if I can read your posts on Reading Supply.

I can not read your posts from the database, I can only read them from and if and only if you have allowed it from your permissions.

For this milestone, I have completed some encryption work that ensures this guarantee further. It feels really great.

Grant an user access

You can grant a specific user access to your post with a username.

Now regardless of your permissions settings, you can give a specific user on Reading Supply the ability to view your post. In the future this will expand into more things.

PDF Image Support

Previously a really annoying bug, today when a user exports a PDF on Reading Supply, any images that are included on the post will be included in the PDF version.

Now you can keep your posts in PDF format offline!

Mobile library, writing, and inbox

Now you can view your library, write a post, or check your inbox from your phone. My sincere apologies to @haris and @eyecheng who have wanted this many months ago.

There are bugs with the writing experience on mobile. I'll be working hard to address that over the next couple of months.

Official Reading Supply API

You can use Reading Supply's API if you are a paying user. I'm excited about giving people a way to manage long form writing outside of Reading Supply's client.

Do you want any more API methods? Let me know!

Archive RSS

You can view any Archive's RSS feed by appending /rss to the end of the URL. In the example below we are referencing $music-supply, an archive on Reading Supply.

This only works for archives and won't work for user profiles, since user profiles don't have a concept of a timeline.

Whats next (0.3.3)?

There is still a ton to do before we ship the beta of Reading Supply:

  • Unfortunately editing a post on mobile has deal-breaking bugs and those must be resolved.

  • Multi-author editing with a commit style contribution experience must exist. I want users such as @mathemakitten to be able to add multiple authors to a post, and receive contributions from multiple sources in a workflow that is sane and predictable.

  • A user should be able to fork a post or transfer a post to another user's library.

  • Each user on Reading Supply should be able to define a glossary of terms. They should also be able to share a glossary page and incorporate aspects of it into their posts.

  • Plans for 0.3.4 which include improvements to the data explorer.

Join us

Interested in trying out Reading Supply? All you have to do is ask a member of Reading Supply for an access key. If that feels like too much, you can direct message our Twitter account. Once you get an access key you will be able to create an account and give others access. Stay tuned for the next update, happy new year! 🎉

Hey! My name is Jim and I love to build websites. You can learn more about me here.

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