Entering Alpha

I'm building something new! I woke up a couple of months ago and felt the urge to explore writing on the internet again. Here are the personal ingredients that made doing this irresistible:

  • I love reading posts from humans who specialize in a topic and then share everything they know about it. Certain posts are life changing (so are many books).

  • I wanted to improve my process for developing specific knowledge.

  • I've built two production rich text editors in the past, the first was mediocre, the second I was less involed in. Today I have a clear idea of a great editor implementation using Slate.

And then I saw this optimistic quote from Bill Gates:

“I predict a comeback for the truth. To the degree that certain solutions are created not based on facts, I believe these won’t be as successful as those that are based on facts.”

Those words are compelling, but it made me ponder about what an average person (like me) could do to ensure they have a reliable source for the truth and facts. Those ingredients are crucial for developing specific knowledge, but people don't know if they can trust all the information read. I can accept a tool will not help solve problems for everyone. But I like a quote that I pawned from a memory Steven Sinofsky had where he recollected Peter Pathe saying, "Writing is thinking". I think that is beautiful. If writing is a more substantial form of thinking then it should be valuable to write frequently. Lets create a good tool for this.

I know how to design and write software. So I'm going to focus on:

  1. Making a simple, plain, and useful single player writing experience.

  2. Observing what type of content people write here.

  3. Exploring the realm of communication tools we can build to support writers.

And we will see where the process takes us ✌️

Hey! My name is Jim and I love to build websites. You can learn more about me here.

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