the storytellers 🧧🥮

the feeling of being truly understood / this fragile diaspora existence / the guilt of interracial dating / futures, despair, and hope / chinatown in 2050 / the shared histories i never knew / untold stories / the model minority myth as a tool for division / substituting saturday morning cartoons for anime / cardcaptor sakura / the nostalgia of a 飛輪海 song / turning your back on the expected safe existence / yappie existence / realizing that the feelings you considered personal are truly universal / chinese school / translations of S.H.E. songs / 再许个心愿我的爱把你占领 / Ali Wong's description of playing cultural tour guide in interracial relationships / the familiarity of dim sum / the politics of hotpot / gentrification of chinatowns worldwide / the fetishization of asian women / pineapple buns / the role models i never knew i needed / media representation / crazy rich asians, of course / soup as healing / hot vs. cold foods / rice cookers / dating apps and power dynamics / t&t / the cheongsam reimagined for a modern wedding / the chinese vegetables for which i have no english names / english as a bridge language between cantonese and mandarin / recognizing china as so much more than a simple monolith / the way it feels to have someone put this existence on paper / stories still being written / when she said, we are mythologies in the making / opening up books written by asian writers and tears welling up because you know this voice / they understand the way this existence feels / an existence where the most important things are often left unsaid / lychee season / fish sauce / oyster sauce in eggs / bubble tea shops as our third place / cousins as life rafts, islands in a vast ocean / they're here and they are the closest thing we have to built-in understanding / the space in-between worlds / Jimmy O. Yang's description of being perceived as asian before american / seeking belonging / intentional placemaking for diaspora kids / recipes as memory / lap cheong / china and the west / wanting to be seen, loved, known / the joy of sitting down with other diaspora kids who are perfect strangers and realizing that you don't have to explain yourself, they already know / parents are human / chinese stoicism and the fight for emotional intimacy / you do not owe the world your contentment, even after all of this sacrifice / all you can do is ensure it was sacrifice well-made / mooncakes / yellow peril, black power / we're not free until we're all free / first-generation everything / second-generation guilt / this is everything i wanted / someone who meets you as you are today but also understands everything that has made you who you've become / where are you from? no, where are you really from? / let me take you to my hometown, show you who i was / the vietnam which sheltered us / last names which contain entire stories / the way this song was familiar even though i couldn't ever recall actually listening to it / the soundtracks to our existence // the way that storytellers create shared memory

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