what i like about you, pt 2

this time last year i was coming home from a batch at the Recurse Center, where i met forty magical humans, spent a lot of time figuring out exactly what i wanted out of this life next, and found clarity i didn't know was possible. that was the headspace i was in when i wrote what i like about you.

all the things on the first list are still true. one year later, i have more clarity. here are some additions:

  • emotional expressivity

  • attention to detail (people who notice everything, who see things which other people miss)

  • people who are unapologetic about what they like

  • the ability to have challenging conversations with perfect earnestness

  • a love of surprises + spontaneity

  • understanding the way that 2am feels

  • a love for doing frivolous things

  • understanding the gift of anticipation

  • the ability to get highly specific in conversation

  • people who understand that rationality is overrated; that it is more worthwhile to find things so extraordinary that you would drop all sense of rationality for them

  • an appreciation for finiteness: us, the world, this life, the tiny amount of time we get to spend together, here

  • a love of books

  • people who you never have to impress; when you can come as you are

  • wit + chemistry

  • people who purposely think about human intimacy

  • the ability to articulate the way a thing feels

  • openheartedness

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